Karma Cream

Question: How do we make the “woke” people of Gainesville feel like Karma Cream’s experience is that of a modern coffee shop that is committed to them and the world around them?


Karma Cream—Get Served What You Deserve

Eat worry-free. Know that with every bite you take of Karma Cream, no one was hurt in the making. No cow, no pig, no farmer, and certainly not you.

We celebrate your right to good food and your right to enjoy it guilt-free. Our farmers are paid fair prices, we have plenty of vegan options, and there are no pesticides in our food.

When you walk in, what you see is what you get. Not only do we believe in convenience, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality. We use ingredients you can pronounce for quality you can taste.

If you crave it, we sell it, so come visit us on University Drive for a study break. Come for your first date. Come because the weather’s nice and you want to be out and about.

Come in—there’s good karma waiting for you.