During my internship at Optime Consulting, a B2B marketing firm, I broke down the jargon-filled webpage for the firm’s new service into simple content. I also crafted the script for the company’s promotional video for the product, as shown below.

What makes interactive video the next big thing for demand generation campaigns? Think about the fact that the video sparks interaction, increases the ability to engage audiences, and humanizes connections between businesses and prospects by 67%. Just imagine having the power to inspire action with just a click of a button. First, our geniuses design and develop your own digital framework that is totally customized to your needs. Next, we produce your interactive and personalized video. Whether it’s promoting a service or solution, registering for an event, filling out a survey, or taking a training, each tactic can be measured. Third, our BI gurus configure your back-end platform, so you can access your own campaign analytics, trends, and results in real time. Generate new pre-qualified leads and focus your sales team on closing. Last, but not least, analyze behaviors based on views, interactions, and inputs that will show you interest and engagement trends. Improve lead scoring and qualifications by getting full visibility of data that can be scored and integrated into marketing automation tools and CRM systems. Start engaging your audience by adding personalized, relevant information that motivates actions and brings measurable results. We are ready to empower your success.